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"I've wanted for so long to just have a chill conversation with my stepdad and now I am. It's amazing."


Want to connect with spirit?

Welcome to SPIRIT SESSIONS by Paranormal Crossroad, your in home spirit experience.

You've seen the show. Now you can have the spirit experience too!

Book a 2 hour Spirit Session with KJ & Kitsie in your home!

"My house feels like a home. Truly loved this experience and wouldn't trade it for the world"


It's time for YOU to find out if your departed loved ones are around you.

It's an opportunity for YOU to see what spirits, guides or angels may be near you.

We'll bring our equipment to help give a voice to spirit. You'll have a chance to see if your departed loved ones are around you and what messages they may have as well as discover other spirits who may be trying to guide you and share messages.

Plus we'll teach you ways to connect to spirit yourself!

Plan a night in with your friends and let's see who else joins us in spirit!

**Maximum 10 people per event. All dates and times TBD upon submission and agreement to terms. We can not guarantee all in attendance will receive messages or that certain spirits will come through.**

Sessions can be in home, a workplace or other agreed upon location.

Minumum 2 hours. Starting at just $250 per hour for a limited time.


Spirit Support Sessions with KJ (virtual only)

Need some guidance or clarity? Whether it's work, family, relationships or just a little help feeling connected to your higher purpose, schedule time to support your spirit will do you good.

This 30 minute guided experience begins with intention setting powered by Reiki. We'll then guide you to your answers with an oracle card reading, dowsing rods or pendulum session and the unique odd box technique which gives a voice to your spirits and guides.

Reach out to set up your spirit support session:

**KJ is a trusted media personality as well as a second degree Reiki healer and intuitive with an animal communication and spiritual coaching background.**