Meet the Cast

Kitsie Duncan

Kitsie Duncan has become well known in the paranormal world as a fierce, compassionate researcher of the unexplained. She is an author, producer, director and passionate pursuer of not only the evidence of spirit but the story that the spirits are here to tell.

In her book, I’d Rather Talk to Dead People, she shares her own story of seeking answers after her father passed away suddenly and this journey led her to create a show where others could receive the answers they seek in spirit.

Through three seasons of her show, Oddity Files on Amazon Prime, Kitsie has investigated some of the most notoriously haunted locations in the world and has gotten stories from the souls roaming these locations beyond the lore and the legends told on a daily basis.

With Paranormal X Road, this self proclaimed “Oprah” of the paranormal is on a mission to make the paranormal investigative process more personal. She is going into the homes and workplaces of those living with questions, grief and despair and helping them speak to the spirits who are with them. This method of investigation is at the heart of what Kitsie holds true…there are no demons, the paranormal isn’t scary and if we treat the spirits who are trying to communicate with respect and kindness, peace can be found -- and in the process, a beautiful story is told.

Kitsie shares a quiet life with her husband, two precious dogs, Venus and Luna and enjoys time with her children and beautiful grandchild.

KJ McGlinn

KJ McGlinn is a well-known media personality having been behind the mic and in front of the camera since her first radio job in high school. She is no stranger to using her voice to better her community and now that community is getting to know another side of KJ, her spiritual side.

KJ has had a unique journey to the paranormal investigative world as she has always been comfortable with spirit communication but has found it most rewarding in her work with animals, especially cats.

As a matter of fact, her first word was “kitty” and her grandmother validated her path to join the show by communicating the word “kitty” in the very first episode of Paranormal X Road -- showing us all that if we are open to listen, our loved ones can help us on our journey.

Using her own intuition and her experience as a Reiki practitioner, KJ brings her huge heart for healing and helping those around her to Paranormal X Road.

KJ spends her personal time watching Marvel, Doctor Who and all things under the geeky entertainment sun with her husband in their cozy home they share with their “kids”, six rescue cats who have a social media following of their own.

Tiffany Rice

Throughout the years, renowned Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice has always had a sense of “knowing” and has spent her life learning about and utilizing her incredible ability to receive and share messages to those looking for answers. Tiffany joins the cast of Paranormal X Road to complete the journey from uncertainty and pain to clarity and peace.

A perfect fit for the show, Tiffany also has interest in the paranormal and knows that the paranormal is an extension of the Spirit World. Spirit at times will have an uncanny connection to certain locations where Tiffany is able to connect the emotional side to the factual side as we work each episode to bring resolution.

Tiffany dedicates her life to sharing her uplifting and enlightening gift to those that are going through the stages of grief. As you will see in Paranormal X Road, her gift is instrumental in our quest to bring peace to those experiencing the paranormal.

At home in the suburbs outside of Boston, she is a happy mother of three furbabies Chloe, Olive, and Stanlee.