What is Paranormal X Road?

This is not your average paranormal reality show. This is a team of fearless women, who will bring light and positivity into the hearts of those who are fearful of the paranormal.

Wondering if your loved ones are with YOU?

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Paranormal X Road LIVE!

You're invited to be a part of a LIVE one-of-a-kind paranormal experience at the historic Athenaeum!

ONE NIGHT ONLY! THREE unique experiences! VERY limited seating!

Join us for Paranormal X Road LIVE Saturday, October 16th at the Athenaeum at 7pm!

Just one ticket gets you into our LIVE TV SHOW recording, an intimate gallery reading with Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice AND a Spirit Communication Session with KJ, Kitsie, our equipment and the spirits in the room with us!

Tap into Your Intuition! Now On Demand!

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Your Energy, Your Chakras with KJ

Tools for the Spirit Connection with Kitsie

Introduction to Your Intuition with Tiffany

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Kitsie's book "I'd Rather Talk to Dead People: My Journey as a Paranormal Researcher is on sale now!

Paranormal Researcher Kitsie Duncan lived most of her life terrified of the existence of the paranormal. After losing her father she wanted to know more about life after death. This hunger for knowledge led her to the world of ghost hunting and paranormal research. Quickly she found herself obsessed with proving that the spirit world isn’t as scary as many think.

For over twelve years, she and her crew at the Oddity Files have investigated some of the most infamous haunted locations in the world and come away with evidence that will prove to you, that not only are these locations haunted, but these spirits have a story to tell us.